Friday, May 18, 2012

Who Needs TV?

After all, it’s raining. And what better to do than watch the rain from one window:

And another:

At one point Jesse must have wandered away from “the show” because I heard Penny call, “Jesse! You just missed a lightning!”

And Jesse grumble back, “Aww. I’m always busy when its lightning!”

And lest they seem too perfect watching their little rainstorms and the like, I will add that, at one point during all of this rain watching, one of them managed to shatter an entire glass bowl full of Cheerios all over the floor.

I don’t necessarily love gray drizzle, but I do quite love a good hard rain storm like this.


jami said...

i think i'd fit into your family just fine! it's my FAVORITE thing to enjoy a good rain storm. i had to laugh because the other night there was a HUGE storm. thunder, lightning, pounding rain, and the kids were in bed so jason and i just stood at the window and watched - and across the street was my neighbor and her husband standing in their garage door doing the same thing. :) too funny. i love that i'm not the only one who loves nature at it's best!

Perla said...

I love seeing them actually sitting in those little chairs to watch! That is hilarious! We get some storms here in Texas that are definitely worth watching. Did I tell you about the thundera few weeks back that literally almost knocked me out of bed? And I didn't realize that Penny's hair was so long!!! Beautiful!

The Harbertson Family said...

uhhh, why'd you move from the Northwest then?! You'd never have to have tv here, lol!
We miss you all! Hope to see ya this summer!

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