Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I’ll love you forever,


I’ll like you for always.

As long as I’m living

My baby you’ll be.

I am so glad we get to keep this baby that we got from the “hodispool”. Jesse often talks about how much he loves the hodispool  where we got our baby and how great it is that we get to keep our baby and not give him back to the hodispool and mostly . . . how great that bed at the hodispool was with the buttons that made the head and foot of the bed raise and lower, and, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I went back to the hodispool soon so he could visit me and push those buttons on one of those beds again?

And, what on earth is going on between these two boys anyway?

Especially the faces Jesse is getting out of Anders in those last two pictures! It is kind of wonderful. Also, when I think of the next few years of little boys together, . . . kind of terrifying.

And, speaking of babies: remember when it used to be that you could manage to grab and pick up about anything when using your whole paw-like hand, but when given some small Cheerio-type item, an item that required more the use of thumb and index finger to grasp, it became very VERY difficult? Remember how you would try so hard, but keep kind of missing it and accidentally getting it into the middle of your palm where it would sit – in your tiny clenched fist – as you contemplated how to get it from inside that fist to the inside of your mouth? So, you’d just hope for the best and put your whole fist by your mouth and open your little fingers, but then, more often than not, the Cheerio would slip out and land in your lap – or maybe on your highchair tray -- where you would then start the whole process over again? Those were hard times – times when figuring out the old pincer grasp was so complicated. Life is much easier now. . . . And also . . . much harder.


Perla said...

Thats funny. In a couple of those photos, Anders looks like Lila. Hm. I guess they might be related or something. ? Love the description of the paw pick up. And Love You Forever? I know it is so cheesy to say but even now when I read it to my kids, I choke up at the end. Every time. I love you and these boys, too!

Gayle Harris said...

What adorable pictures! I wish I could go to the "hodispool" and get a couple of little guys just like them.

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