Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Religion and Summer’s End

Penny just said, “Mom, one of Daisy’s friends said one of our chickens was fat. . . . But she’s still nice. . . . But WE don’t say that.”
Me: “Right.”
Penny: “And we don’t drink coffee.”
Me: “Right.”

There you have it. For my non Mormon friends out there, that pretty well sums up our religion: we don’t call people fat (or chickens even – just to be safe), and we don’t drink coffee.

In other news. Looking at these little pictures of Goldie and Penny twirling the other day made me rather sad that summer is coming to a close.


They are back to school a week from today and while I think we will settle into a good school routine, I really will miss our carefree summer time schedule and all the time it allows for simply just being kids. Playing in water, playing games, doing crafts . . . and twirling.

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Luckily, even the onset of school won’t put a stop to all of the “kid” things that happen around here. For example, this type of thing will still be happening daily:


Whew. I probably couldn’t handle too drastic of a change!


Rhonda said...

I LOVE the twirling pictures!!! Such sweet moments! And that picture of Jesse just cracks me up! You are such a sweet, patient mother!

Tash said...

jesse is sweet! Also...love the pictures of the girls. Yes ahh school both good and bad! I always seem to be ready for a change from absolutely no structure. I always have good intentions but never keep them! Good Luck! When is your baby due?

jocelyn said...

the conversation at the beginning of this post made me lol.

Tia Juana said...

Oh, is there anything better than twirling in a pretty skirt? I think not. But let's not get carried away and let fat chicken's twirl while drinking coffee!! ;)

I have a friend who is a photographer and has a little blog segment that is called "The kids were here" and she take pictures of just random things around her house - messes or just mere casualties of kids living in the same house and she takes, what turns out to be, beautiful artist photos of every day things. These pictures of your kids just doing summery things together sort of remind me of her segment - except she doesn't have her kids in her pics for the segments. You have a good eye for photography. Me, well, all I have is a somewhat spiritual camera who has somewhere between Missouri and Texas, lost its testimony.

Perla said...

so...now the week has come and gone. how did it go? i felt sick and cried on monday but i pretty quick felt used to having a routine again.

Nancy said...

Same as you. I felt that same pit in my stomach that I used to get before the start of school on Monday night, etc., but by Friday I was kind of re-remembering our old routine and thinking it will be good to be back into our schedule.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

At least you know you've raised that little girl right lol

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