Friday, August 26, 2011

More Jesse and a few Extra Bits

I know I may have mentioned this a time or two before, but I love and adore this little stinker of mine so so much!


Yes, this is the general method of hair management we have adopted in dealing with our boys – let it grow far too long and shaggy and then, shave it all off. The difference is always so dramatic at first that I hardly know who they are and have to hug them lots and lots extra.

I know, I know, the little fella breaks more things than any child probably ever has, but he truly is just so intent upon figuring how anything and everything comes apart and how it can be put back together. There is nothing in the world he would rather do than help Mike fix something, and lately, he has been especially charming. He has actually, finally, taken to occasionally playing with toys – mostly things he can use to create with (tinkertoys, blocks, etc). It is so fun to hear his creative little mind at work as he tells me about the chicken coop, sprinkler, or firework he is building. He even does naughty things with toys – for example, the other day he was holding a cylindrical shaped tinkerytoy when I heard him say, as he twisted an imaginary lid off the top, “the lids comes off, the juice spills (he dumped his imaginary juice on the floor), now put the lid back on”. Funny boy.

Also, despite his mischievous ways, he has so many little things that make him extra dear to me. He seems to have all kinds of issues with allergies, rashes, etc., he also has bouts of rather severe wheeziness due to asthma. He is rather terrified of many many things, and constantly needs to be reassured about any sound he hears (I’ll even hear him going about the house reassuring himself: “oh, that’s just the fridge”, “that’s just some water in the dishwasher”, etc.); and there was maybe nothing quite so terrifying for him initially as his nebulizer. He sobbed the first few times we used it, then got brave enough to simply sit there – very still and very scared. Now, he is finally getting a little better about it (probably thanks to Mike letting him nebulize his sock monkey during most sessions). Because it is a steroid treatment, I have tried to avoid giving it to him while pregnant (he only needs it occasionally when his coughing and wheezing get bad), so Mike and even the kids have been good at helping do it. It makes me want to cry and hug him and makes me love him even more when I see him nervously but bravely submit to “his medicine”.


In other news: here are two pictures from the rodeo we went to this summer:


And yes, just as I thought it might, summer whirled its little self to a close. Here everybody is for the traditional front porch back to school picture before heading off for the first day:



Tia Juana said...

Why does a haircut always make a little kid look SO much bigger! Its like they go along in their same little self and then you cut their hair and its like a new person gets out of the chair. Always blows my mind. And, I had no idea that he was having to have that neubulizer thingermabob. That thing scares me so kudos to brave Jesse. And, I'm happy to hear he is finally starting to play with things - perhaps a little break for you. Although, I worry so about the Tinkertoys and a new baby. When Rach was a little stinker girl and little sweet Nate came along, she went through quite a long bout of jealousy and she would bop him on the head with her creations - fairy wands and such. Come to think of it, her jealousy sort of never went away. But maybe there is hope for Jesse? For your sake and the baby's, I hope so.

Tash said...

we are big fans of the yearly shave and grow! It's fun to see such a transformation each time.

Perla said...

why is this the first i've heard of the nebulizer? i love that boy. i love pretty much everything that miles says right now and wish i could hear jesse's voice.

Nancy said...

We've only had it for a few months. I thought he just still had problems with reflux since he used to spit up and even throw up well past being one, and at least once a month ever since he would have such bad coughing fits at night that he would throw up at least four times through out the night. But, he also had coughs randomly in the days and would turn super wheezy, so I went and checked with John and he told me he very well had asthma and that the coughing throwing up business was actually often related -- and that asthma isn't always about exercising, but about anything that causes your alveoli to go berserk -- could be allergies or who knows what. So, anywho, we use it whenever he gets wheezy or has bad coughing and he hasn't had one of his terrible coughing throw up nights since. I hope he outgrows it or we get to the root of what it is . . . though apparently it can even be dust, so, geez. Poor fella.

marzee said...

I don't know that I've said this yet - but Jesse really is getting so big - he doesn't look like a little boy to me anymore. Something about his face looks so grown up.

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