Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Lack of a Topic

Since there doesn't seem to be any one thought floating about in my head waiting to be posted (rather, many thought snippets), I have decided to upload all of the recent photos from my camera to my computer and type whatever I feel like about them. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words . . . so . . . here are several thousand words via photo.

1. First off, who needs real friends? Seeing your kids own little unprompted creations is the best thing. It always makes me smile and shake my head at the same time.
2. Lately I keep looking at Abe and thinking how old he is getting. There is a certain age when kids are no longer just "little kids"-- when they reach a point that people are not quite as sure how to go about entertaining them, conversing with them, etc. because they don't know if they should be doing kid stuff with them or treating them more grown up. I think it is a little trickier for babysitters and aunts and uncles when kids aren't simply, "little" anymore. As I watch Abe going about his life these days -- asking me for permission to do things, helping me with things, etc. I feel so happy that I don't wonder those things about him -- that I know who he is and what he likes and what he's all about at this stage. I love that boy.
3. Oh, well, and this is important. I have always thought long sweaters were flattering, and last Fall I kept wishing I had a good open fronted sweater to put on when the weather didn't quite call for a coat, but for some reason, I have never had a nice long sweater . . . and then, the other day, I bought TWO. Goldie took this picture of me trying on the first one. I look a bit as if I am feigning enthusiasm, but in my heart of hearts (what on earth does that mean -- I know Anatomy and there is nooo mini heart in your heart) . . . but, back to what I was saying, in my heart of hearts I was nothing but purely and completely enthusiastic about my sweaters (plus, they were on a great sale).
4. I walked in my room the other day to this:
I'm normally a flip flop kind of girl. Winters are rough for me because as much as I love the idea of shoes, I just don't seem to like to put them on. But, it was a Sunday so fancy shoes were the order of the day, and something about this little sight -- my obviously female shoes (much more obvious than flip flops) next to my husbands struck me and made me feel so happy that I have the man I love so well -- that, just like those shoes left lying there, our lives are so intermingled. It made me think of other little signs of his presence left about the house -- a cereal bowl on the counter, a razor on the edge of the sink. How empty and lonely my life would be if those things were ever to cease being left about (Mike, this is not to say that you should avoid cleaning up in the future -- signs that you have been cleaning are even more endearing).

5. Maybe that had something to do with why this sight made me pause and smile on the following day. It made me want to go around my house taking pictures of all of the things that would give someone a clue as to who we are and what we do. I kept looking at things all day as if I were a stranger peering in this home with the task of deducing all I could about its occupants.
6. The kids and I are very excited for tomorrow. It is Oct. 1st AND they have no school. The reason that is special is that I told them we would decorate for Halloween on Oct. 1st -- so how lucky that it ended up being a vacation day (plus the weather has obliged us by switching from 90 degrees two days ago, to a forecasted 52 degrees for tomorrow -- just to help us feel that the Fall and Winter holiday season is for real). Anyway, we snuck out one early decoration -- this candy bowl:
For some reason it reminded Goldie very much of the little lidded sample containers at Target and other stores, and she insisted on eating her allotted number of candy corns one at a time so she could keep coming back and pretending to get a store sample. She thought it was so much more enjoyable eating her treats when they seemed sample-ish.
It reminded me of tearing bread into little pieces with my sisters when we were little in the hopes that it would somehow taste as delicious as the sacrament bread. I suppose that was a bit sacrilegious; be that as it may, it never did taste as good. Looking back now, it occurs to me that our wheat bread could never mimic the taste of that delectable and seldom-seen-in-our-home white bread that the deacons passed about -- no matter how small we tore the pieces.
7. Lastly, I don't know how smart Penny thinks I am -- apparently not very. She is insanely full of mischief lately (drawing on walls and the like), and about ten times a day she looks at something, thinks twice about it, and then, rather than opting to not commit the infraction, she says, "Mom, Could you go away?" Sometimes it is so painfully obvious what she has planned. Like tonight when I warned her to quit turning on our bathtub water (as she recently flooded one bathroom with buckets of water on the floor). She turned the faucet off, looked at it longingly and then, "Mom, could you go away?" That girl.
Well, that is that. The end of my photo essay. If the pictures really did paint a thousand words, then I probably shouldn't have gone ahead and typed a thousand extra with each picture, but such is my nature. Good night.


London said...

I love that sweater! But mostly the gorgeous woman wearing it!

Karen said...

I just don't know where to start....That Penny sounds like a few of mine may have rubbed off on her. I am thinking it may be time to get rid of any and all "Sharpies."

I love that sweater. It is gorgeous with your hair. (Today may be the perfect day to wear it.)

The signs of the man you love living in your home made me laugh. When the RS and I were first married, it made me crazy that he never hung the bath mat after his shower Leaving the wet, offending mat on the floor. I often would tell him how I would love it he would hang it up after he showered. Then we lost a few people in our lives. His mom, a friend or two and other we loved, lost loved ones. I realized one day what that the bath mat on the floor meant to me. I told the RS so. Of course, he began to hang it up. Go figure. I think he just likes to mess with me.

I love the tinker toy creation! Wow, that quite the imagination. For all the times I have played with tinker toys, I have never even come close to anything like that.

I can not believe how old your sweet Abe is looking. He is so handsome. We live so close but never seem to find the time to get together. We really need to fix that. :)

Thank you for your sweet words on my recent post.

Amy said...

But you said you bought TWO sweaters and I really want to see the other one. Also, as always I love the way your write, and I'm glad you gave me the mini anatomy lesson, I was wondering about my second heart, good to know there is just one to worry about. And love that Penny, and Abe getting to be a little young man. I love my boys at that age. In fact I am the Webelos leader and we had our first den mtg. yesterday, and the four boys I had are just such cute doofus' that they make me laugh.
Great Blog of little thoughts!

Ashley said...

I love your new sweater, and I love you in it! I have never seen you looking so darn lovely! Truly. I guess its just that you are my aunt and that I have grown up seeing you that way all my life, but wow! I now see exactly what Liese saw. You are a beautiful, beautiful woman. Love your pictures. Love your posts. Love you.

jocelyn said...

your sweater is super cute. even if it is sacrilegious (which i'm not sure that it is...seeing as how you were just a child and it's not like you were doing it last week), your bread story made me laugh.

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I really liked this photo essay post, it was very cute and it did give me a peek into your life. That sweater does look very cute on you and I've been wanting one like that too. I also love the little pumpkin dish. Is it from Target? If so, I saw that very dish last night there and told Ryan that I wanted it and I may just buy it sometime soon.

Perla said...

i think addie needs to make herself a friend like goldie's. she is having a hard time getting along with live friends lately.
penny is hilarious.
cute sweater, where'd it come from?

Nancy said...

Thanks my nicest commentors!

Karen, that was exactly what I meant -- that if something were to happen to Mike, I would cry to longer find those frustrating cereal bowls left out, etc.

Melissa, the bowl was from Wal-Mart . . . but don't tell -- it is way cooler if it came from Target.

Shan, the sweaters were from Old Navy just last Thursday. They were normally 34-39 bucks on sale for 20. My other one is a cute gray and white striped one with big buttons and a hood.

Kelly said...

I have a pumpkin dish just like yours only it was my grandma's, I will call it an antique but it was probably from Walmart too. I too love to fill it with candy corns!

I love your posts!

marzee said...

I actually really like this post. I love the pictures that you chose and the meaning you found in them. The shoes were my favorite (and cute shoes too, by the way). Oh Nanc - I do miss you.

Crysta said...

It is obvious I am not much of a blogger . . . but I sure do love logging on and checking my favorite blog, which by the way is yours.

Nancy said...

Oh Crysta, and YOU are MY favorite! Oh, and when you mentioned your friend Naomi on my last post, Megan was all like, "So, what is that Naomi like? Do you like her?" Kind of like she was your jealous boyfriend that was making sure Naomi wasn't getting too close to you. BUT, I just looked at your profile and your favorite movie is Man From Snowy River . . . so you and Megan are totally meant to be FOREVER. Who else would have that as their favorite movie?!

Liz said...

I loved the bit about your and Mike's shoes and his little belongings left around the house. I'm so glad that I too have a man in my life that I love so very much despite having to occasionally clean up after him.

Madsens said... the sweater!! You look gorgeous in it too!

Mugsy said...

I loved this post. ANd funny I get weird sentimental feelings by seeing things like the shoes on the floor. And I am especially pleased when I have a pair of pretty shoes by JOsh's manly shoes. Also you look so stinkin cute in that sweater. Can I have it?

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