Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few Recent Pics, Etc.

Hey you, stop doing that.
Penny and Mike -- the only reason she agreed to let Jesse be in the stroller on our walk the other night.Somehow it has become tradition that Mike take the kids to school on their first day. I like it. The whole thing always makes me nervous and I like sending them off with dad. Plus, once he returns, he tells me all the little details that he knows only I would need to hear:

-- Daisy sat right down and started coloring -- with a yellow crayon -- she seemed to know the girl she was sitting by.

-- Goldie had a little name tag to put on but was trying to find a place to put it where it wouldn't cover the design on her shirt -- her teacher put it up high near her shoulder for her.

-- Etc. He's good at that.
Who are you trying to fool young lady? You won't be a school girl for a good three years yet.

But, no one can claim you don't use some cool words.

You yell in panic, "Pib up! Pib up!" when Jesse has spit up on the carpet.

You love "the finkle song" -- otherwise known as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

You often request a "feet" (a treat).

Oddly, you like nothing more than a nice piece of "bone-a-lee." That's right, some tasty bologne. Bologne kind of gives me the heebie jeebies, but we still have it in our fridge -- which is where you always find it.

Oh, and this little thing. Abe was so upset as we drove to school this morning because he forgot he didn't want school lunch today. I told him that was silly and he just needed to eat it even if it wasn't his favorite. His mopey shoulders must have won out though because I ended up bringing him his lunch box later. I even stopped on the way and got him a Twinkie and a little bag of chips. At the last minute I tossed this note in (written on a scrap piece of paper I found in my purse). I don't know why, but it made me happy that Abe saved it out of the garbage from his lunch box.


Tia Juana said...

First of all- I like your front door. It's very pretty with it's etched glass-y-ness.

Second. Doesn't everyone look so dang happy on the first day of school? I wish it lasted here - we've had two out of four meltdowns here this week. I'm waiting on the other two.

Third. Send the 4th kid already. She can share her bone-a-leg with Abe.

Fourth. You are going to be mother of the year for sure. I've done that too, a few times, and I like to hold it over their heads when they get home by making them do little chore for me and saying - remember how nice I was to bring you your lunch or your violin or your homework or your gym clothes or your biology notes or you snack before play practice. You do know that this is the whole reason why God likes his mothers at home, don't you???? It has nothing to do with clean floors and blogs - it's to run errands to the children. So they know they are loved when they get notes. I like that you threw in the 'stinker' to keep him humble.

jami said...

ok. is it me being sentimental thinking of cole going off to school (ok, only preschool this year but full-day kindergarten next year) or just being a mom that made me totally tear up on this post. sheesh. i'm pathetic!! i love that mike takes your kids to school the first day and that he notices all the little things you would need to know to make you happy.

side-note:(i actually read this article too, that philly is totally pushing this "dad's do the first day" with their kids to promote dads being involved in their learning. how ironic i would read your post after reading that article on how good it is for dad's to do that. just a random fact for you. :) )

i love that you wrote all the cute kid talk penny uses. there's something about kid's words that just makes me happy. :)

and i'll agree with tia that you will make mother of the year for taking abe his lunch - and for the note. i love that he kept it.

oh, what a happy start of school post. :) loved it!!

marzee said...

Yay for school and a pot that never boils. I sure do love you - and your family. I like that "Daddy takes the kids to school" tradition. Not that I get worked up - but it was a bit dodgy - dodging cars with a toddler who insisted on being independent in the crosswalk - and a father who happened to call my cell at the same time. Loves to all!

PS - Don't worry - we didn't become road kill. All is well, All is well.

Amy said...

As always, cute post. I loved the photo of Mike and daughter going to school, and I am happy that you took Abe his lunch. I mean I guess that's part of the reason we are stay-at-home moms, so we can do those kinds of things. Sure not every day, but sometimes.

Perla said...

so nice that mike takes the kids. i like that. and you are such a cool mom for surprising abe with that lunch! it reminds me that i need to look for the little opportunities to make our kids happy like that.

Tash said...

Wow Penny is all growed up. LIke right before my "virtual"eyes. I haven't actually seen you for 2.5 years but hey... I like the pics of Jesse chewing on the table ok if I don't make as many comments as tia juana i may feel guily jk
I wanted to ask you about something. Swissy's hair fell out in a one centimeter by one centimeter chunk in the shower...she said it did not hurt when it fell out and usually she screams at the tiniest tug while brushing. Should I worry? What should I do? Or should I just let it be and see if it happens again?

Mugsy said...

That was a very sweet little post. I really think you are just such a dear, good, mom, Nanc. It makes me want to try a little harder just to do a little extra sweet thing for my little people.

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