Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Goldie + Softball

Well. I should like to write something thought provoking or clever. (And I fancy that I do write things of that nature occasionally. After all, I have one billion [well . . . perhaps slightly less] bits of clever and thoughtful jotted in nightstand notebooks and typed in notes on my phone and unpublished blog posts on my computer. Uncondensed and untidy.) But at the moment I am just . . . well . . . I’m just sharing a few pictures from Goldie’s last softball game. And it tires me to think that I can’t do that unless I can find a way to do it cleverly! Good heavens! Such pressure.

But I shan’t let it stop me. I will press on. I will press on with some rather nice pictures. And very lovely people. But words . . . as ordinary as words can be. (It’s rather freeing to determine I can allow myself that! Even if I don’t quite believe I should.)

Nevertheless: Goldie’s last softball game! (The bolding and that exclamation mark go a long way in making up for smart writing I think.)


Jesse was at scouts. Hans was in bed. Daisy was reading and watching Hans. But the rest of us piled in the van to go watch Goldie. (With one hundred kids in our family, we don’t involve them in many extra-curricular activities. And I will also admit that we don’t attend all their events. Eek. Unthinkable in some families. I know. But we just . . . do what we can. Luckily, tonight, the “what we can” wasn’t a bad show of support at all! :))


Mike ran into some of his childhood neighbors (the parents’ of one of his best friends growing up). They have a granddaughter on Goldie’s team who they’d come to watch. I’m not sure what all they reminisced about. But every time I looked over . . . everyone looked like this:


So it must have all been fairly funny. (And likely would have made for some good writing material for this post – had I taken fewer pictures . . . and paid more attention to the conversation.)


There was a park nearby. And horses grazing just past a fence. They were far enough away that I didn’t feel safe letting these three run off alone to enjoy them. But they were close enough that it was torturous for them not being allowed to.


Overall it was a lovely, happy evening. Nice weather. Pretty light. Laughter. And a happy Goldie.

IMG_4031IMG_4026Photo Jun 07, 11 52 31 PMIMG_3997Photo Jun 11, 7 55 15 AM


Marilyn said...

Well first of all. You don't even need the BOLD WRITING to be clever! Though, of course, that does HELP. But second of all, if I could just spend one day with you taking pictures! Just one day! I would even do it at a softball game (though I must confess, I find softball and baseball quite...boring...compared to track meets or even football. Or basketball. Or soccer. Haha) if I had to! Just so you could SHOW me how to find that light and capture it.

Anyway, I just love these pictures so much...and hearing from you...in any manifestation. Although I must say I DO wish you had heard all those funny, funny things everyone else was talking about. Perhaps it included the joke Malachi told me yesterday. Two sheikhs were across the river from each other. One said, "Can you help me get to the other side?" The other said, "You ARE on the other side!" Hahaha. It's the sheikhs that make it funny, you see. Now THAT would have been a great blog post.

Nancy said...

Hahah. Great joke. And you CAN find this light -- most certainly -- even without me! It's just that you, like me, don't go in search of it very often because . . . too tired.. All it is is evening light or morning light filtered through trees or bushes -- and you placing your subject between you and that light. So . . . I always immediately recognize it if I see it (like the fortunate timing of this softball game), but to go and LOOK for foliage positioned east or west and to be there when the sun just dips behind it. Well. That is another story. Still, perhaps you might!! As you are driving you might think "Ah yes, those trees are just the sort of direction that the sun will dip down and shine through them in the evening." And then you might have to drive past again around 8:00 and see if it is so. You might have to overexpose a bit. And you sometimes have to hold your hand over your lens and shield it from all the sun coming in just while you grab the focus. And you'll want to experiment by just moving this way or that a bit to see how washed out it does or doesn't make your image. But you can do it!!!

Though . . . undeniably it would be more fun to go and do together. Sniffle.

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