Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Something Like Love Language

A child, a child, in fact, who both should and desperately needs to be napping is currently crying and hollering at me through the walls, up the stairs, and along the vents between her room and mine. Of course someone is usually crying around here. One might suppose I’d be conditioned to such sounds. And, what do I know? Maybe I am. What do I remember exactly about who I was as the mother of one child compared to who I am now – as the mother of nine? Perhaps it affects me less. But certainly not . . . less enough because several days ago I was in such a state of . . . well . . . I’m not even sure what one calls it -- exhaustion, madness, apathy, despair, illogic (???) (brought on – likely by lack of sleep and a host of demands – but ignited by a day of said sounds) that Mike, seeing something must be done, . . . filled the van with “stuff” and dropped it off at the DI.

The whole business stopped my downward spiral – switching me to a state of bewildered awe. How did Mike know that would solve the problem? As far as my logic had permitted, nothing would solve the problem! The problem was life! All of it! But this gesture – which seemed so unrelated to the frustrations of the day, but was so utterly perfect -- stopped my self-pitying in its speedy little tracks. And I realized, again, that this pesky little business of living . . . is very often rather lovely. (Particularly when one has a Mike divining their needs and speaking the complex and shifting love languages one hardly knew they had.)

IMG_2944IMG_2949IMG_2946IMG_2952IMG_2959IMG_2967IMG_2985(Abe appears to be tossing someone off the walking bridge in this pic.)
IMG_2987IMG_2997(And what, pray tell, is Abe about in this picture???)IMG_2998(Hansie! Come back! You’re still rather small – even if you can walk and even if you do have a hair cut!)


Marilyn said...

Oh! That truly IS a love language, and what a miraculous man you have who speaks it!! I need a load taken to the DI at this very moment—but it is just TOO daunting to sort out which things are actually SUPPOSED to go there, from the pile, and which things have just migrated there and been left in it, wrongfully, by the same people that leave piles of OTHER things all through the house.

We were just talking for FHE about things that we each do to show love, and I realized mine was "making good food for people." And then not one person had said that the way they FEEL love is "eating good food someone made for me." But when I protested that maybe I should just stop MAKING food for everyone, then, they all protested and said they had just not REALIZED they felt love from it, before.

(I don't really know why I just told you that.)

Nancy said...

Hahah! Yes, we definitely need the way one shows love and the way others feel love to match at least occasionally! Ha! I hadn’t thought of that. So funny. Well, I can assure you that I, for one, would feel love most keenly in being made something wondrous to eat!

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