Friday, January 20, 2017

Pictures Needing a Home

I was very anxious (and impatient) for little Hansie to come those last few weeks. But, in truth, his own timing was rather perfect. He wisely waited for us to finish moving kids to the basement and from room to room, and through several bouts of fever and colds acquired by his siblings. And then came at the start of a long weekend of no school. Clever boy.

Photo Jan 05, 1 54 08 PMPhoto Jan 13, 8 28 13 AMPhoto Jan 06, 7 40 50 AM

A quick call for everyone to gather for a picture. All nine made it, but there was much complaining from two small boys (for what exact reason I couldn’t decipher), Summer ran out of every shot just as I tried to take it, and Mette was on the verge of screaming; so getting a low percentage of smiles was not a primary concern. Nine. Good enough.

Photo Jan 15, 3 43 14 AM

I like this little series of shots:

Photo Jan 15, 6 21 29 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 22 57 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 01 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 22 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 23 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 14 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 18 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 29 AMPhoto Jan 15, 6 23 39 AM

Goldie crochetted this little hat for Hans. I don’t know how she did it. She’s just kind of been teaching herself. Also, Mike has been rather amazing as usual during this first spell of newborn in the house and me all emotional and scattered. He’s done the usual cleaning and taking care of kids. And still managed to do extra things like slip off during the babies naps to take the older girls snow shoeing. (And, I am getting a lot of pictures of Anders and Hans. The older kids are all at school in the day. And the younger girls . . . well . . . there is always the risk of them poking him in the eye and what not. So . . . Anders and Hans show up a lot together in photos. Though it is actually Goldie who probably holds him the most when I am not. She is very much our “baby” person – loving to just let him sleep in her arms while we watch a family movie, asking to stay up a little extra late just to hold him, etc.)

Photo Jan 14, 7 42 42 AMPhoto Jan 14, 7 49 04 AMPhoto Jan 17, 8 23 42 PMPhoto Jan 18, 2 02 09 AMPhoto Jan 18, 2 02 34 AMPhoto Jan 18, 2 02 37 AMPhoto Jan 13, 6 04 07 AM

Mike will be back to work next week. I’ve had myself a good cry each day as I’ve considered how I will manage all these little people (and as I’ve worried about poor Hansie no longer getting to be just held and fed constantly), BUT, I have certainly loved and been grateful for having Mike and for this week plus of being able to completely focus on this new person in our family. It’s been a beautiful week of just getting to bask in his newness.

Photo Jan 16, 6 18 53 AMPhoto Jan 19, 12 28 18 PM


Marilyn said...

I was thinking about my babies coming and wondering how they ALL managed to come right on holiday weekends. Then I realized that they DIDN'T, but it just FELT like holiday weekends because Sam stayed home a few days and we took days off school and everything slowed down. Haha. It really is so dreamy, that first week or so, and feels like it's out of time. Although of course when you have kids going off to school, that brings some normalcy back…but still. Out of time.

And then after that, it's all the harder to go back…or to even THINK of going back. Sometimes I think the anticipation of it was worse than the reality, because in the moment you just…put the baby down and deal with the mess in the kitchen, or put the baby down and fix the toilet, or whatever. But it's hard. If only we could stay in that babymoon forever. I wish I could absorb your kids into my household for a bit so you could keep holding Hansie all day. :)

Beautify Pacify said...

Mhh, this little series of little Hansie...Goldie radiating with joy holding her little brother...this beautiful family...swoon... ;)
I totally get that you worry, made it so far, already juggling with teens and newborns and you will make it, again and as usual, because you're so good at that!
These days I often tell my kids, that it is not the lack of pain or energy or worry that makes us strong or brave; on the contrary, it is all the fear and worry and whatnot that make us courageous and brave, as long as we take up the challenges ahead and remember to enjoy evey snippet of what life gives us. And from what I've always seen and read here, you totally rock it! :)

Nancy said...

Marilyn, Yes! I think you are right! I think just doing what needs done is easier than the thinking about it! (Let's hope anyway!!)

Nancy said...

Oh thank you Val! And I love what you said -- and what you tell your kids -- because I KNOW that is true, and yet I forget it all the time! But I was reading an old journal entry from when I first found out I was pregnant and in it I wrote how I felt strongly that this struggle and challenge of all these little ines really would make me more who I want to become. I'm so glad you reminded me of that! That embracing this new hard challenge can transform me. It makes it feel bigger than just mundane "I feel overwhelmed". It makes the feelings and stress important! Thank you! I'm going to keep telling myself this! And my own kids need told it too!

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