Friday, June 10, 2016

Memorial Day at the Farm

We spent Memorial Day with Mike’s family up at the farm. IMG_9286_edited-2IMG_9315_edited-1IMG_9316_edited-2

It’s always . . . cousins and sunblock, 4-wheelers and kid kayaks, 22s and canoes, the rope swing and drinking water from the well, pizza, chips and fruit. Lots of laughing and visiting.


Aunt Sarah is always the hit of any event she attends. If she doesn’t come with a cotton-candy maker in tow then it will be a snow-cone maker, or tons of play-doh, or . . . thousands of balloons, a pump, and books on how to make your own balloon animals. The kids were in heaven, and we came home with a van full of balloony creations.


I love this series of trying to get Anders to show me his balloon. “No, closer to your face so I can see it in the picture. . . . No, not covering your face, I want to see you too. . . . OK, there we go.”


I had loads of pictures of cousins too, but too many to try and share here.


As we drove home this time, it occurred to me that “Grandpa’s Farm” will be one of my kids’ strong childhood memories. It made me happy to recognize that, without even realizing it, we’d been a part of creating a tradition and experience they will all share. I like that this is a part of them and I’m always intrigued at the thought of what things might stand out most to them or be their most fond memories from their childhoods.


And, as any fun worth its salt must, it ended with kids utterly exhausted (and parents a wee bit exhausted too).



Marilyn said...

This life of yours. I know it's not all balloons and roses. :) But it looks so good. In some ways so much like mine and in other ways so different. My growing up years weren't so connected to the outdoors or the extended family the way yours and your kids' seem to be, and while that's fine and my childhood was also great—it makes me wish, just a little, I could be one of your kids, or maybe your sisters. Learning to shoot. Rowing kayaks. I mean, honestly. What a childhood! Happy.

Marilyn said...

PS Anders' happy face above his balloon is perfect.

Nancy said...

It's true, Marilyn! While my own family was big, growing up we rarely saw cousins, etc. And we had Bear Lake, but not all this shooting and 4-wheeling and the like. It's crazy to me (and great) how connected my kids are with aunts and uncles and cousins. That is, very likely, what you are creating for your grandchildren though by having this brood of children who seem to like to be together!

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