Friday, July 10, 2015

Use Your Words

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“Use your words.”

Mike loves to say that to me (or our kids) for no apparent reason.

“Use your words, Nancy” Mike will say – when I’m doing nothing if not “using my words”.

“Use your words,” Mike might insist when Abe innocently yawns.

I don’t know why it’s funny to us. Particularly when Abe was small, it seems we would often hear parents using it to encourage their kids to actually speak what they needed or wanted (as opposed to just throwing a tantrum); and it’s perfectly sound parenting. We just . . . also think it sounds funny. (Shrug.)

My point? Well, I’ve sort of ruined it by all that yammering above, but my point was meant to be something like, “I won’t be using my words much in this post today. Just some images. Summer time. Little people. Make of them what you will.”

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Marilyn said...

Hahaha! Words to live by.

Also: bag head!

Nancy said...

Marilyn -- I'm so pleased you noticed bag head. I wanted to point him out (but I'd already promised no words), but about every two minutes Anders would appear in front of Goldie as she opened her gifts and be like, "Open the present, Goldie. Open it. There's something inside."

Marilyn said...

Hahahaha! Anders. Good work.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Bryant and I use that all the time with Roman! "Roman, we don't whine. Use your words." So reading your title made me chuckle.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

I haven't been on blogs for awhile but I specifically came to stalk you to see an update of this pregnancy and when this little one will be coming! Therefore, I expect an update soon!

Nancy said...

Lond! I'm due a month from today!! Craziness, huh?!

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