Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sufficient is the Day

I don't know when I abandoned washing my face at night. For two decades it was an absolute. A ritual. A necessary burden. And then . . . I just got tired, I guess? Somehow this long-standing “must” just . . . fell by the wayside. (Shrug.) Beyond the occasional mascara smudged face (and pillowcase), I don't actually seem much worse for the wear; and, combined with the extravagance of my eyes only tolerating daily disposable contacts (such extravagance!), it's become almost criminal how quickly I can be ready for bed.

(And, I almost rid myself altogether of that extra task of tossing my contacts – with a frivolous devil-may-care attitude -- straight into the garbage can each night when I got everything set for eye surgery last December [they were going to remove the beam from my eye . . . and the mote from my neighbor's while they were at it – haha . . . heh] but then, girlfriend decided it was time to start her little nine-month journey here; and the eye surgeons no longer deemed me a candidate for the procedure.)


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I'm big on kids' movie songs that I actually really like. As in . . . actually really like. (I know, I just said that. I was saying it again for emphasis.) I can put up with listening to things like the Frozen soundtrack with the best of them; but there are songs from movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Brave that I have gone ahead and added to my own little playlists! Our two favorites lately (by “our” I mean: the kids like them and I like them . . . independent of the kids “liking”) come from – I know you'll pooh-pooh it when you hear it, but – Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. (What? I know.)

  1. Strange Sight

  2. 1000 Years


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Summer (the person) is a very early waker. I was ridiculously spoiled in the sleep department by Anders (who has pretty much loved to sleep as long as anyone has ever seen fit to let him). Lately my little early waker also seems to demand being held more often than not. Mike, with his broad arms that make a perfectly comfortable perch from which to observe the world, is her holder of choice, but because he is so rarely here, the holding most often falls to me. Sometimes, when I have spent the day exhausted from an early morning followed by a long day of trying to clean or make dinner with Summer in my arms, I find myself seized with a momentary panic: Wait! I'm about to have a baby! Another baby. I'm about to add another baby to this! A newborn baby! How on earth will I handle this and a newborn?

Luckily (luckily?), perhaps for the very reason that life is so full just now (and my little brain so tired from simply keeping up with the concrete present), the thought never manages to take root. Each time it surfaces, it quickly gets bustled aside by life's more current and less speculative demands. “Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof.” That comfort makes me chuckle a little, but then, perhaps it wasn't meant as comfort; just good sound advice: “Look, kiddo, you have more than enough to keep you worried at this very moment. Worry about tomorrow when it actually gets here.” Anyway, consciously or not, that's what I'm mostly doing.


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Shannon said...

This is so awesome because I don't remember talking about this but I am always saying that, "sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof." If I say it to other adults they typically look a little bewildered. But I've thought so much on those verses that I say that our at least think it a lot! Love you sister!

Nancy said...

We haven't talked about it! Which means, as you know, that your thinking floated through the universe and landed in my mind where it sparked a thought. That happens with you and Megs to me. :)

Kara said...

Yes! My way of saying it was that I ignore what's coming until it's actually happening so I can be blissfully unaware of the pending work load. Lol. And too funny about the beam and mote. Hahaha.

Nancy said...

Haha! Yes, Kara -- that's exactly what I feel like I'm doing -- ignoring it until it can no longer be ignored. Every time the thought surfaces I feel like I plug my ears and say, "I can't hear you. I can't hear you."

And . . . thank you for appropriately appreciating my mote and beam comment. Hahaha.

Hope your own new "hard" is being mostly offset by all of his perfect loveliness!

Beautify Pacify said...

Hi beautiful blogging friend! That's right, worry about tomorrow when it comes. We say 'chaque jour suffit sa peine' in French. And really, there's nothing you can't do, right? Look at this amazing family you've founded and raising and loving! Just keep going ;) By the way, lovely beautiful photos as usual! :)

Nancy said...

Thanks Val! You always say the kindest things! Wish you were here to teach me exactly how to enunciate "Chaque jour suffit sa peine". And I'd go about saying it all of the time!

Marilyn said...

HA ha. About face-washing. Yes, that has gone the way of all the earth with me, too. AND! Do you know what else? I found out it works just as well when I use REGULAR OLD BODY LOTION instead of special "face" lotion on my face, too! I'm living on the edge.

I want to get the mote taken out of my eye, too. But of course as you know, you can no longer be "of child-bearing age" (what does that even mean?) or your vision might change and render it all meaningless. SO, failing that, I wish you were at LEAST getting the beam out of YOUR eye, that might make me feel better. But NO, now we are both moted and beamed and blind. And both of us will fall into the ditch.

PS I love "Summer (the person)." I love that you said it that way, I mean. I would probably also love Summer, the person. IF I ever met her.

Nancy said...

I might switch to slapping some good old Jergens (or what have you) on my face this second, Marilyn! :)

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