Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Would a Rose by any Other Name Really Smell as Sweet???

The other day found Daisy and I sitting in a little waiting room – waiting (hey, how about that) for her tdap shot booster – the one required for Jr. High. (Jr. High? Two kids all cool and . . . unelementary schoolish?). The nurse came out, lifted her little clipboard, called “Daisy?” then, as she spotted us, sighed dreamily and said, “Your mom must have loved you when she gave you that name.”

Yes. I did. I did love her. I still do. And, that was rather brilliant of me, wasn’t it? Naming her Daisy.

How is it that half the world isn’t named Daisy? Never mind. I’m glad they aren’t. But I do love her. . . . And her name.

Happy Elementary Graduation day, Daisy! And thanks for coming home with me afterwards and helping decorate cupcakes and wrap presents and get “fun” all in order for Penny’s seventh birthday today.

(Below: a shot or two of Daisy and I after said graduation, along with other end-of-the-school-year activities – Penny’s author’s fair, Goldie’s state history program, etc.)



Montserrat Wadsworth said...

Okay, I KNEW we were similar! I have that exact same cobalt blue purse!!!!

And, yes, Daisy is a lovely name! We had a dog named Daisy, but only because my father wouldn't let my mother name any of the girls Daisy. :)

Marilyn said...

It really is the most beautiful name, I just agree. :) It is a bit jarring, though, for me to see one so grown-up and beautiful, since mine is still little(r). It gives me a glimpse of her future! :)

Marilyn said...

*must* agree

Nancy said...

Montserrat, that made me chuckle about the purse! It was actually one of my TJ Max finds! :) Also, I'm not surprised about the dog. While I've met very few humans that share my girls' names, I will admit, I often hear dogs being called by their names! Haha. Oh dear.

And Marilyn, it is nice having someone who, when great names are mentioned, I can nod knowingly at -- with a secret little surety that we've picked some of the best. ;)

Jill said...

Is it wrong to admit that every time I see a picture of Daisy, I secretly hope that she and Mark somehow cross paths in 10 years or so?

Nancy said...

Ohhh Jill! Wouldn't that be the best ever. And, honestly, her little tiniest hint of red is all the variety we could manage. I'd really REALLY love to see it get a boost in the next generation. ;)

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