Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Of Cabins, Asthma Attacks, and Christmas Trees

We made a mini trip to our little cabin this weekend.

Heaven knows why we would leave one freezing cold place and go to another freezing cold . . . er place.

Sooooo cold.

BUT, I’ll take your “freezing cold” and give you . . . A SANDWICH!

What does that even mean?? I don’t know. But, for lunch on Saturday I was about to call out, “Who wants peanut butter and jelly and who wants meat and cheese?” Only, instead -- in a fit of shocking inspiration (eh) -- I made the sandwiches, cut them in magical little triangles, threw in some crackers, apples and cheese (along with the real winner – a bottle of Martinelli’s); and called out something about a picnic; and suddenly it was “the best lunch in the WORLD!”

Of course . . . you have to keep expectations pretty low for tricks like that to work.

We mostly stayed holed up. Or, at least, I did. Mike and the older five ventured off to the little indoor pool – even though I warned them that when they came outside all the water on them would immediately freeze to ice and, if they fell, they’d crack into a million pieces. They went anyway.

We made it home in time for Jesse to turn FIVE! And . . . also have a terrible asthma attack. Sad.

I used to think an asthma attack just meant a few moments of struggled breathing. That may be the case for some. I’ve developed some asthma the past two years and, when it hits during a run, I will feel like I am breathing through a straw for about two hours afterwards, but then I get back to normal. But with Jesse, an asthma attack typically means several days of wheezing, labored breathing, and lying on the couch while I use our little pulse oximeter to check his oxygen levels. It occasionally spurs coughing fits that have been violent enough to make him throw up.

It causes me a great deal of stress when he flares up like that. I hate his lungs working so wrong. I hate worrying about the side effects of all the medications we have to use during those times – though I recognize we are lucky to have them . . . and that the other option (not breathing) isn’t really an option at all.

He didn’t eat his birthday dinner, . . . or cake, or ice cream. He did rally, during a better spell right after a breathing treatment, to make gingerbread houses. And, today, he is seeming closer to normal.

In other news: with the help of a ladder, stool, and Abe hanging precariously over our loft railing – we managed to decorate the giant Christmas tree!

And also . . . the ladder itself. (I don’t know why Penny and Jesse thought the ladder was more fun to decorate than the tree itself, but they did.)

The End . . . plus some cell phone pics.


jami said...

i was a bit cold, just thinking about you being up at a cabin ... :) and i'm sorry for the asthma. no fun. for you or jesse. we've been experiencing some of that here as well with one of mine ... not fun.

love the decorating. and decorations make everything prettier, right? even a ladder. :)

Val said...

Hey, I like it when I myself have these fits of inspiration (cf picnic!) :) All the best to little Jesse, it is so hard when our little ones have to struggle like that! xoxo

Shannon said...

Poor Jesse! I hope he doesn't have an asthma attack on your birthday... Or ever again!

Shannon said...

Poor Jesse! I hope he doesn't have an asthma attack on your birthday... Or ever again!

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Nancy said...

That was nice! Thank you for the kind comment Olivia.

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