Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crib Climbing, Correctly Bagged Groceries, and Screwdrivers (Dot Dot Dot)

Life was going along so smoothly. Everything running just how it should. Everyone doing just what they should.

And then . . .

Anders learned how to climb out of his crib.

(I haven’t loaded any pictures to my computer lately – and I do love a picture-laden post – so please insert a mental image of Anders here.)

Oh all right. I’m sure mostly nothing was running just how it should, and I’m quite certain everyone wasn’t doing just what they should . . . But it kind of seems like it was all bliss . . . compared to: Mr. Climbs Out of His Crib 100 Times Every Night.

He used to love to sleep so much. Still does, I suppose, once he settles down to it; but it’s just so hard to settle down to the business of sleeping when there is the possibility of . . . playing.

(Insert image of Anders . . . you know . . . playing.)

Also, have you ever noticed how much I love to use these little guys: . . . (dot dot dot)? I sometimes think I should cut back (dot dot dot) but they are just so useful. I can’t really function (in the typed world) without them anymore. I can’t really even understand how anyone can write a thing without the building of anticipation; the demanding of an extra long pause; or the hinting of things yet to be finished that these handy, little, multiple dots accomplish.

It’s probably similar to how I couldn’t speak without saying “like” in every sentence when I was in “like” 6th grade.

(Insert image of me in 6th grade . . . standing in front of Ms. Cannon’s class giving a small presentation and being painfully aware that I COULD NOT stop saying “like”.) – Hey! This “insert mental image” thing is working out quite nicely! I didn’t even HAVE a picture of that on my camera waiting to be loaded to this post. (I’m sorry to disappoint you if you hoped I did. . . . It would have only made you feel sad and awkward though.)

Lastly, do you know what makes me happy? Like (dot dot dot) kind of weirdly so?

Correctly bagged groceries.

I just really really like when the bagger has put enough things in each bag. And when nobody has tried to do the unthinkable – put meat with fruit; or, any food with SOAP. I love when my dry, boxed things are together. And my fridge things are together. And my freezer things are together. It just really pleases me.

Have you ever shopped at Winco? You bag your own groceries! Which, when I shop alone, is grand – because, you know, I know how I love them bagged. But. let’s be honest, when have I shopped alone in the last 13 years? And if you think your kids won’t want in on that “bag your own groceries business”, well, you are wrong. So, of course, you must let them.

And they bag groceries . . . so terribly. Sigh.

There. I’ve said it.

(Insert image of some nicely bagged groceries. Or, if it makes you happier, some horribly bagged groceries next to happy and excited children.)

Anywho, loves to you all.

The end.

Oh! Except for: The other day. I walked past the kitchen counter where Jesse was busily working on something or other. Without taking his eyes from his project, he stretched one hand out, palm up, fingers moving in a “hand me something” manner, and said, “Mom, could you please hand me a flat head screw-driver?”

There was no “flat-head screwdriver” around. I guess I was supposed to go find one – which caused me to hesitate – so Jesse added (with some exasperation), “It’s the one that’s NOT a phillips one.”

So . . . off I went to find it. It seemed to be what was required.

(Insert a picture of Jesse intent on his work and then, really, THE END.)


Lara said...

I even line up my groceries on the conveyer belt the way I want them bagged. Cold items, boxed, misc, produce, bread and chips, then milk (ok and Diet Coke). Now please tell me how to mess up bagging that. Yet they often do. If they put my bananas and Diet Coke together I re-bag it right then and there. Funny thing, my cupboards are randomly stocked.

Nancy said...

Haha! Lara! Yes! I try to put everything just how I want it -- heavy things on the conveyer belt first so I can put them in the cart first and they won't crush other groceries, eggs and bread and other mashable things together at the end, etc. etc. I don't find myself so compulsive in other areas. . . . I just like my gorceries bagged right. Is that so bad?

Perla said...

I am also very careful with where I put my things on the conveyor belt. part of it is compulsion and part of it is my dread at having to put everything away. I want it as organized add possible to begin with so that I can unload quickly once all the bags are inside.
And Jesse is hilarious.

Rhonda said...

Loved this post! I have nothing to say about the crib climbing except that I'm sorry and I hope it never happens to me. =) I loooovvveee the dot, dot, dot...I use it all the time, and don't know what I'd do without it! The bagged groceries...yes, they must be organized. I always place my items on the conveyor belt in the most organized way possible...making it so easy to bag them the "proper" way. Then it usually ends up that I painfully watch a teenage boy creatively bag my groceries as I try not not to cringe! I love that you are so often able to write about the little things in life that I can relate to, and that often make me chuckle.

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