Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Girls


I took a few pics of the three girls after church this past Sunday.

It makes me chuckle how their hair blends right in with the yellow grasses in the background.


You can always tell how late we were running by how many girls have their hair in pony tails or braids (my go-to, fast hair styles), and . . . by how many spider-man tattoos are still on arms or legs (or sometimes, heaven help us all, faces).

I remember trying to imagine, when Mike and I were first married, our lives with one tiny little blonde child running about. I could almost see it – there, on the edge of existence. One little toddler. I could almost believe we would someday have a real live little person that was all our own. I could just glimpse that possibility.

But this?

All of them? All of their rascally brothers?

No. I could not have imagined.

A good reminder to me that while there are likely unknown difficulties and troubles ahead, there are also wonderful things ahead. Things so amazing and so utterly precious and good, that our minds don’t have the ability to even fully imagine them.

1 comment:

Perla said...

fabulous reminder..I love those girls. funny the different growth spurts. for a long time penny was small and Goldie and Daisy were bigger. now penny and Goldie are both small.

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