Thursday, September 26, 2013

And Then, Suddenly, I was the Worst Mom in the World.

I was cleaning out Penny’s lunch box yesterday when I discovered the following:

A special lunch-box note from me to Penny . . . written by Penny.

Possibly the saddest thing ever.

I don’t know why I’m “Nancy” instead of mom. I picture all the little lunch eaters pulling out their notes from home – notes from their thoughtful, loving mothers; and then Penny eagerly pulling out her forged note, “Oh! Look! My mom loves me too!”

And then some kid saying, “Why doesn’t  your mom just write ‘Mom’”?

And Penny frantically thinking, “Oh no! I knew I didn’t get this right! I’m found out!”

Meanwhile, around the house, she has glued popsicle sticks, and colored pictures, and left (at every turn) things like this for me to discover:

I would resign as mother  immediately . . . only, the gypsies haven’t come through town lately, and I don’t really know who else to give my kids to.

I did leave lunch-box notes in all the kids lunches today. And, on Penny’s, I was liberal with my doodled flowers and  Magic Marker  use.

But. It’s probably too late.

Ah well. Anders and Jesse haven’t started school yet. I can just chalk these older kids up as a loss and start fresh with those two.

(Kidding! Kidding! Quit your crying.)

Meanwhile, down on the farm:

I spy: brother and sister arm wrestling; Pikachu; a little, light bathroom reading; little feet of someone who thinks they have a grand Hide-and-Seek spot; the shoes of someone who has more important things to worry about than insignificant details such as “right shoe on right foot”; and . . . a cookie given to someone who was told they couldn’t have it, but then kept crying for it  -- which really doesn’t bother me at all now that we’ve established what kind of mother I am (see blog post title).

And, to be totally fair here, when I said lunch notes for everyone, I didn’t technically mean everyone. This morning Abe told me how funny it would be if some kid (NOT himself) got a note from his mom in his lunch box that was one of those cards that talk when you open them. He explained how, for the unfortunate student, having everyone hear the nice things his/her mother had to say would be much like getting a Harry Potter “Howler”.

I see.

No lunch-box love for that little stinker today.

I’m waiting ‘til I can find one of those cards . . .


BS and the Kids said...

Oh Nancy, how life is so busy, and I just have missed catching up with you on your blog! But even more so, we should do a catch up in person!!!! Soon.

Marnie said...

And then, to top it off, your kids have the worst aunt ever. Goldie wrote a cute letter to Tori, and Tori promptly wrote a response...but some of it was written with a paintbrush and was a little I thought maybe I'd have her redo it. And then it got hidden under lots of paper.....Tell Goldie I'm sorry, and will mail it soon!

And what are those crazy hats, we'd like to know.

Nancy said...

Sar! I know! It seems like, at one point, we were discussing getting together for a dinner again. But that was probably like two years ago! Ha! Oh dear. If you can ever get Sarah to commit to a day, I'll meet you guys! Pretty much any night but Tuesdays.

Marn, I forgot Goldie had mailed a special letter! Luckily, I think she may have forgotten too . . . had she remembered, I'm quite certain I would have been hearing, "Has the mail come yet???" EVERY DAY. And, I haven't been hearing that. I think we are safe. If it comes now it will be a bonus, unexpected surprise.

And those awesome hats are actually giant Styrofoam wigs -- we paused to try them out in the Halloween section at Target.

Perla said...

Oh this was so funny and sad. I love your Pen Pen! I also want to go to Target right this minute to find those!

Angela Noelle of SK said...

AW! That kid of yours is resourceful! Yes, this tugs on the heartstrings, but it also tells me she is SMART...and she knows she's writing the truth, she's just your secretary, right?! She sees how busy you are.

That, or you need to arrange for some sky-writing asap. I'd go with A.

Val said...

Oh dear! :) and :( I can imagine how you felt! Our lives are so busy, we do so much but we can't do everything, and we miss some stuff every now and then. But this note was not written as a keepsake or a reminder, it was written to have the same note as everyone else. The real note is not that thing you can show off, even if that's dang sweet, the real note is in mommies' and kiddos' hearts, and you write this note every day. With all your love. And your daughter knows it <3

Nancy said...

Thanks Val and Angela -- good to be reminded that, truly, this note was just her own version of something she already knows is true . . . and, so, ever so resourcefully, wrote down for her lunchbox! Funny girl.

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