Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Someone Can Sit Up! With out Falling Over! . . .


Sort of . . .

Also, Daisy Doodles turned 10. (Though, in truth, she is still nine in this picture. She wanted me to hurry and take one last picture of what she looked like at age nine on the night before her birthday).

But, she had officially been 10 for several hours by this point:

Also, I didn’t realize how often I try to stall when my kids are wanting something. I have only become aware of it recently because I hear these things from Jesse many times each day:

“What does ‘later’ mean?”
”What does ‘in a second’ mean?”
”What does ‘soon’ mean?”

One more thing. This morning I put a few sticky notes on the cupboard with the older kids names on them and reminders of stuff we needed to do for/with them today . Later, I walked by the cupboard and noticed, in Penny’s large scrawl, a new sticky note next to the others that simply said, “PENNY”. For some reason it seemed so cute and sweet. It felt like “Don’t forget me, Mom. I may not need any books renewed at the library or have any math games we are supposed to do. There is nothing we need to pass off for Scouts or double-check on my homework, but I’d like to be up here on a little sticky note to. I’d like you to pause and think what you ought to be doing with Penny!”

There that’s all for now.

1 comment:

jami said...

first, i can't believe your baby thinks he is big enough to sit up. didn't anyone tell him he has to stay mini forever??? :)

and i LOVE that daisy had to have one last picture of "nine" ... awesome.

and penny. that is seriously the CUTEST story ever. i love how observant and aware of things our little people are,even though sometimes i like to think they aren't.

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