Thursday, January 12, 2012

Part of Me


I recently read a blog post that said something like: having a baby is like meeting a part of yourself you didn’t know existed. I liked that. Look at this little soul!

For years upon years I lived, quite happily, not knowing about this part of me.

And now that he is here? It all seems so obvious. Clearly I wasn’t complete with out him! How did I go about existing when, if he left now, I would continue life with a giant canon-ball size hole through my body, heart and soul?IMG_1368_edited-1IMG_1396_edited-2

Who knows, but I can’t imagine a life without early mornings of unwrapping his swaddled blanket to free his chubby, soft and rather white legs; or without seeing Ander’s face go from curious concentration to a huge smile that affects his arms and legs when Mike talks to him; or without being able to study his tiny fingers. No no. It simply couldn’t be borne.


Gayle Harris said...

What adorable pictures! And as I think about it, I guess he must also have a small part of me in him too. That makes me happy!

Rhonda said...

He is so precious and sweet...what great pictures. I love the one of him touching his toes--the light is so cool!

Ashley said...

Wow. That little hand on the foot shot is...its just amazing.

jami said...

amazing. your words, your photographs, and the incredibly handsome little anders.

marzee said...

Youmustbelovingthesepictures - andImustbelovingwritingwithoutspaces. Andnowyoumustcopymebywritinglittlecaptionsunderpictureswithoutspaces - justbecauseitwouldbecharming?

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