Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging Under Less Than Ideal Circumstances

I'm wishing I would blog, but I am here to let you know that blogging -- or being on the computer at all actually -- has quickly become an unappealing way to spend my time; and I will tell you why -- it is because I have basked in the luxury of my laptop for so long. Who wouldn't want to type a little post as they relax on their couch in the evening -- or the morning -- or whenever they happen to be relaxing at all for that matter?

But now our laptop is down and our only other means of communication with the outside world (well, besides all the other means of communicating) is by sneaking down to our dim unfinished basement to use the old slow creaking computer of days gone by that is left here for -- well -- just such an occasion as this, I suppose. And it does feel like sneaking . . . like at any moment someone (good or evil) might discover me down here in my dark little room hunched over this keyboard -- waiting for the letters I have typed a few seconds ago to actually catch up and become visible on the screen. This did use to be a hidden room where marijuana plants quietly bloomed (only accessible through a small secret door under the stairs) so that can only add to the feeling of being about sneaky business here. (For those of you who think I'm just being clever, I'm not. The previous owners of this house loved to grow their marijuana).

Anywho, so I've scuttled off down here like a little rat to let you all know I am alive and well -- in the bright and light upstairs computer free world. My kids are too -- or at least I assume. I can't actually hear them down here, so, it is possible that they may not be well at all.

While I'm here, before I get too cold and scared, let us see what I can find to type about.

One -- I might keep changing my blog name to other cool things like, "A Chicken in the Window Well and A Jaw Bone Boiling in a Pot on the Stove," or, "A Chicken in the Window Well and . . ." well, here, my new idea is breaking down. BUT, Abe did find some mysterious jaw bone in the hollows behind my parents' house on Sunday. He was concerned it might give him rabies and while, mostly, I was sure this would not be so, I quickly agreed with Mike when he suggested Abe might boil it. So, Sunday night there was a jaw bone -- teeth and all -- bubbling away happily on my stove. I'm going to tell my kids they should be grateful that that jawbone wasn't all we had to season our shriveled potato and water soup -- like when I was a kid.

Two -- Yesterday as we drove home from the library, everyone was looking at books (saving me of course). Goldie was reading hers out loud. Jesse, who was intently studying his own book, kept repeating the things he heard Goldie reading. We laughed that his book would happen to have such a similar story line; then I asked him, "Is that a good book, Cubby?" "No," he responded. Oh funny kid. Also, today I was getting ready when I heard something that sounded slightly different from the usual blocks or Legos or dishes from the dishwasher being thrown to the floor. I came to check, and there was Jesse (if you can imagine that), up on a stool with a little tupperware of eggs he, to his great good fortune, had chanced upon in the fridge. He was quite contentedly wiling away the time by calmly throwing egg after egg through out the kitchen. He'd done about ten by the time I got to him. I admit, as I cleaned it up, I felt a sudden surge of envy. He seemed to be having such a satisfying time, and, it occurred to me, that throwing those eggs -- seeing and hearing their nice little splat, probably would be an enjoyable thing to do. If only there was someone to clean up after my turn.

Three -- I was feeling very much like a no good, not measuring up sort a week or so ago. I wrote a long post about my blues and then didn't post it because I felt quite fine again after getting it out, and it was a good thing I was feeling all better because a mean and crummy individual said a very low and insulting thing to me and all my kids (about me having so many kids) as I was coming out of the grocery store on Saturday. While I admit that my mind spent the rest of the day seething with good come-backs I could have used to put him in his place, I didn't particularly care about or feel upset by the opinion of someone so lacking in class and decency that he would feel fine slamming a mom and her kids. The very fact that my oldest is only nine and not a one of my kids could be so lacking in courtesy and intelligence as he clearly was suggests to me quite obviously who our society is truly better off having, but, it upset me a great great deal that we do live in a society and a time where men would think something like that would be OK. It discouraged me so much because I want my girls growing up in a world where men are gentlemen and where chivalry still exists. This was so very much the opposite of that, that it truly depressed me. I am sure, or I hope, that such individuals are still the vast minority, but it was upsetting all the same. What bothered me the very most was that Abe was so upset by it. I don't know that he caught or understood what the man said or my response telling him what a classy gentleman he was -- only that some stranger had insulted his mother.

The good news is, however, that it made me especially aware of and grateful for my kids and family and home. You always hear that we should make our homes a sanctuary -- a place our kids can come and be free from the strains and crumminess of the world. It truly felt like that when we came home that night -- like washing off the care of being "out there" with all the lowness the world has to offer. Also, after his ill informed remark, all I could think was what a sorry life he must lead and that he couldn't possibly know of the joy and happiness I have with my little troop of kids. Mike was at the Priesthood Session of General Conference that night, but, after putting the two little ones to bed, I let Abe, Daisy and Goldie stay up late -- just because I felt like being with them. We played "Catch-A-Phrase" together and laughed. I felt so lucky to have them and so lucky to be back in our home where we could feel peaceful and feel the Spirit and be far removed from the crassness we had experienced earlier that evening. When Mike came home, he had roses for me. I felt so happy to realize that even though I am a wimp about handling rudeness, it stems in great part from the fact that I have so little experience with it. I married the very kind of man that I hope will exist in the world for my own girls some day. Mike has never said one unkind thing to me. Truly. And if that is the reason I am shaken by the opposite type of communication, then, what a blessing that is.

Four -- Wouldn't it be nice if there were some pictures with this post -- you know, to break up all these blasted WORDS? Well, it would be nice, but all I can say to that is, "You wish." Until this computer business is all worked out, there will be NO pictures. (Oooh . . . unless I draw some with the paint program). Mike has been trying to get things off our laptop hard drive onto this hard drive . . . or maybe another hard drive . . . or something. All I know is that our computer looks like it is having surgery with cables and wires poking out everywhere. It looks like a delicate operation and I don't dare meddle with it by hooking in something like a camera cord. Plus, I'm feeling the cold and loneliness of being down here seeping into my bones -- which is a shame because it might be that I could come up with lots more good stuff, but, this will have to suffice.



Lara said...

Maybe this poor man just never new the joy of growing up in a big family with lots of love to go around and siblings as friends. It warms my heart that Abe was bothered by it because it means that he knows it was wrong and he loves his family. That means you are doing a great job and your kids are awesome!

marzee said...

Jaw bone boiling in your kitchen - just another testament of how cool you guys are as parents. I would have been like, "no way dude! don't touch it! do you have any idea what kind of nasty is on that?"

Eggs on floor - awesome. I'm going to buy eggs tomorrow and crack them on my kitchen floor (really).

Marijuana basement - you're actually using it now? Like - living space? Go Nanc!

Persnickety man - well, I think that said it. I shall pray for him tonight. ;) haha Nothing like fighting fire with water, my love.

Pictures - you'll just have to give us a thousand words to make up for it.

Love you forever!

(PS - you seem to inspire the silly in me. hope you don't mind - again.) Peace out.

Oysterblogger said...

you forgot dead laptop in the title...I want a laptop so bad and then I could leisurely blog etc but the Bman says no and I bought a desktop lastime because when I saw the price diff on macs and apple laptops it was 1/2 for a dtop with more power. I still want a laptop~ and I know it wouldnt solve all the worlds problems but it would be convenient. I would probably read blogs more and blog more ha ha I just feel guilty blogging if my house is a mess or something but when is it ever not?? Thus not much blogging ha ha anyway fun reading up a bit on your blog!

Perla said...

what in the world did he say??? I must know immediately. in fact i think i'll call you. most people see me with my kids and think i run a daycare because of the various colorations. i'm not kidding. i've been asked more than once if i'm taking other kids or where my daycare is. i'm sure it will get even better with another one. sad people who do not know the joy we do. very sad.

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