Friday, July 23, 2010

Searching for the Lost Banshee

When Mike and I first saw this small video clip, we laughed so hard.

First of all, because we had no idea of the films existence til I happened to load our camera pics onto the computer and noticed a bunch of photos and videos that I had never taken. (Goldie, it turns out, was the camera girl).

Second, because it showed us a side of Penny we had never witnessed first hand. A side that was both hilarious and disturbing.

And thirdly, because for all the world it reminded us of some low budget, independent, monster search documentary.

Watch and judge for yourselves.

First the camera crew comes upon something that appears to be a small child -- alone in a dark and strange place -- a swamp maybe. They slowly approach the child only to have it turn upon them and reveal itself to be a horrid monster. A banshee maybe? They back away slowly, but then the creature rushes them. In the ensuing panic, the camera shakes and there are sounds of terror as the camera crew scatter and run for their lives. Just when it appears they may have lost the strange swamp creature, she pops up in front of the camera again. There is more screaming and we are left last with the faint image of the wee thing running off into the distance never to be seen again. But the proof this team uncovered will keep monster seekers filming and searching in the area for years to come.


Mugsy said...

" owemost bwoke the camwa." That was SWEEET! I love the litterary discription. It is exactly some sort of ghost hunters society. HAH Meg

John said...

Hey, we couldn't see the video? What's up with that?

Nancy said...

Mmm. That's a sad mmm. I don't know. It works on my computer, but maybe that's because I loaded it on mine. What do I know about the ways of the computer? I hope it's just something weird with blogger tonight? Anyway, I've probably cracked it up to be more ghost hunterish than it is -- but if you'd seen it unexpectedly on your camera one day with Jonah as the filmed and Eli as the filmee, you would have thought the same thing.

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