Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hodgepodge? Right after I typed that title, I wondered about the origins of that word -- hodgepodge, so I typed it in google. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I did, however, come across one definition that I liked. It said hodgepodge was a soup full of various ingredients. And I quote, "Often this soup is a token of poverty, when a food is prepared from whatever ingredients are available." Such it is with this post, my friends. Such it is with this post.

I have felt very little desire to post of late. And have very little post worthy material to offer. Still, in a humble attempt to feed my faithful visitors something, I have pulled from the nearly bare shelves of my mind all the scanty ingredients I have to make a bland but, at least, varied soup. Disclaimer: while I plan to discuss soup at some point during this post, there will never actually be any real soup for anyone to taste, not even a soup recipe. All references to soup in this paragraph were strictly metaphorical.

Alright. let's hodgepodge our way to a post.

1. Fireplace. I love that Penny occasionally yells, "Fireplace, Mom! I saw a fireplace!" when, in fact, she just saw and heard a police car rushing by. Fireplace? You ask. It makes sense though. Police car -- sort of like a fire truck -- sort of like a . . . fireplace. In general Penny is so much more pleasant these days than she has been for the past few months. She had some pretty serious ear infections for awhile and was often to be found telling us angrily, "I'm MEAN!" But lately she has even occasionally taken to saying, "Yah, Mom, I'm happy!"

2. Whisk. I've had this whisk since we were married. It has been rusty and broken for a good three years. Still, in my thriftyness, I couldn't consider the luxury of buying a new one. Finally, however, I relented, and do you know how much a similar new one cost me? $1.85. That's right. $1.85. Thank goodness I saved us such a bundle by being so frugal and careful all this time.

3. Hat. This is for you, Kristen and Ashley. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Jan Brett's children's books, but I love them. In one, a mitten gets stretched a ridiculous amount when a small creature, followed by ever bigger and bigger creatures, decides to crawl into the mitten to get out of the cold. This hat was knitted as a gift to one of my nieces' baby boys. Because it was only a tiny bit big on their newborns they passed it on to my slightly bigger Jesse. While it fit him fine, it was just roomy enough that I found myself putting it on Penny one day when I took her out in the jog stroller. Not long after, my nieces were laughing to see the same hat appear in some photos on Goldie's head. I told them it was just like the mittens and hats in the Jan Brett books. They laughed that they would soon be seeing it on my head. Well, girls, it fit with not even a bit of a struggle. I don't know that heads get a tremendous deal larger than my own, but if they do, this darling little cap should have no trouble fitting them all.

4. Husband. The other night Penny kept crying and crying in her bed that she wanted chips. It was bedtime though so I had sadly told her, "No honey, no chips. Go night-night." I then went to take a shower (as I'd been out for a late run). When I got out I asked Mike, "Has that Penny ever quieted down?"

"Yah," He replied, "I just had to give her some chips."

Also, I'm glad he has such faith in my abilities. Our yard is full full of dandelions (incidentally, my kids can never understand why I consider the lovely little things a weed). I was talking on the phone with Mike today and said, "Why don't we have Saturday be a yard day so you can spray all our dandelions."

He moaned about the five days worth of stuff he already is supposed to do on Saturday, so I said, "Or I could just spray them myself if you show me where the stuff is and how to use it."

"Oh," he said dismissively, "You'd probably just spray it all over your face." He is such a smart alec . . . and yet even as I retype that I begin to laugh all over again. . . . Mostly just picturing myself spraying it all over my face. (Goldie is sitting here by me playing a little game, and she just said, "Stop laughing, Mom.")

5. Books. I've been reading some young adult type of books lately. For example, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase; and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. And I really enjoy reading books like that because they generally are quite well written, with an enjoyable little story, but quick and easy to read. However, after the shame I had to face upon realizing a year or so ago that the War and Peace I read was a wimpy abridged version, I finally ordered the newest full translation. It has received rave reviews about the accuracy and true to Tolstoy styleness of it all, and I am ready to conquer it. I'll tell you when I finish. It might be awhile as I plan on taking a leisurely pace as well as reading Watership Down (a book my mom read to us when we were young) at the same time because it will be fun, but look at how thick it is! Also, look at that cover. Isn't it appealing? I don't know why, but it is just so lovely. Admit it, that pretty blue-green is totally making you want to read it.

6. Soup. Here is the soup. Lately I eat Bear Creek potato soup nearly every lunch, as well as most dinners when Mike isn't home. Who would think someone could be so hooked on some type of reconstituted soup? I don't know. I'm not even claiming anyone else would love it, but I do. The odd thing is, I'm sure it will pass. I have a tendency to always have one or two things that I love and eat daily for months or maybe even a year . . . and then, no more. Once it was boiled cheese ravioli for every lunch. I had a good year of making cupcakes every week. Key Lime pie, Tuna melts, Maddox Turkey Steaks, and many more have all had their turn.

7. Goldie. Yesterday Goldie told me, "I know God always guides me because I always sing Jesus songs, and I always say prayers, and I always give money to the poor (hmm?), and I am always loving and kind."

There. That was your fill of hodgepodge -- the kind of soup that leaves you full, but not necessarily craving more.


Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I am a HUGE lover of that particular type of Bear Creek soup. One of my roommates in Utah introduced it to me and I've loved it ever since. The only thing I don't like about it is that it has such a strong onion flavor that it gives you bad breath for days! Also, I'm glad you finally found money in your budget for a new whisk. That's funny!

Tia Juana said...

Now. How am I supposed to comment on ALL that!?! Each of those hodgey-podgey things could have been a post in and of themselves and now there are so many things swirling around in this head of mine that I can't even think of what I wanted to say except that I am happy you got a new whisk. Kitchen things make me happy and even the newest small little thing makes me itch to cook and bake.

And what the heck is Bear soup? Sounds strangely Utahn. Perhaps I'll see it while at the Bear Lake reunion in just a few weeks.

Anna Sanders said...

Our teacher is reading Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh to us. it is a good book. They just finished telling the story of why they are so smart to Mrs.Frisby. I love that book...
P.S. I am so dang excited for the family reunion in a few weeks!!!!!!!!

Krissy-loo said...

Oh, lovely. That was an excellent hodgepodge post. I especially am so glad you put the hat on yourself!

jami said...

i'm like tia j. how can someone comment on all the great hodgepodge mini-posts? :) i love what you write and share. i LOVE that goldie gives money to the poor :) and i think the hat is HILARIOUS on you ... such great stuff, all of it! (and mike, giving in to the chips at night is SO something my hubby would do too! :) ) ah ... more nancy hodgepodge please. :)

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

love the hodgepodge, best of luck with the giant book. I am not even half way through and it has been months of listening/reading.
but it's a nice companion in hard times. I'll be sad to finish it.

Krista said...

Loved your post! That Bear Creek soup tastes nice with bacon in it. You look so nice with the hat on! Hodge podge is good and sometimes that's what's going on in a busy mom's life.

marzee said...

Okay - Funny moment - reading your cravings and love for Bear Creek Soup. . . . and I quote, "The odd thing is, I'm sure it will pass." My response was, "Of course it will Nanc - just give it a day." hahahaha.

Which made me think of a conversation I had with Jon today - as we were leaving coldstone. It began with a strange loud noise which I am quite familiar with - as Jon produces it regularly - especially in his sleep. Thankfully, tonight's version was unscented. As usual my response was to roll my eyes and protest, "Jon!"

Jon replied, "Just the ice cream, passing through. Though, it's a little more cream than ice."

Yeah - thanks for that, dear.

Love the pics of the kids, the stories, and of course, YOU!

Lover of Sweets said...

Well, THAT was just a fun little journey, I gotta say! I love that Mike's smart aleckyness and my kids often ask me "why are you laughing mom?" and Penny's "fireplace" reminded me of Connor's "firestation bugs" and I'm glad that you are so thrifty and probably saved yourself all of 3 cents throughout the years by using a rusty whisk; which I'm pretty sure isn't all that good for your health. Although I AM pretty sure that I've eaten several of the treats made with said wire whisk and I'm still okay.

Perla said...

i kept thinking of comments but now i can't remember them except that spraying dandelions is very easy and you probably won't spray it all over your face and i can show you what to do or i can do it for you. but don't spray your flowers because its not supposed to kill them but it deflated my tulips horribly!

Perla said...

and remember, "i knew the sun set," she said, "but the sun also rises?"

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