Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Penny Turns 17

Penny just turned 17.

17 sounds so much older to me than 16. I don't know why exactly. 16 still feels like a mid-teen sort of age. Nobody plans on any major life changes happening any time soon. But 17? That's nearly 18! (When suddenly decisions about college and missions are all looming. When you might logically even choose to leave home and venture a bit into full independence. [Or as full as it can be when you don't yet own a car or have great financial reserves anyway.])

Girl loves her Veggie Straws. (Will she love them as much once she's finished these 42 bags Daisy gifted her? That remains to be seen, I suppose.)

And here she is with good friends Ryan and Dan on her birthday. (They told her they thought it would be fun to go to the fun park after school for her birthday. But in reality, they were taking her to the surprise party they'd planned for her.) I've been so grateful for all the good friends Penny has made up here this year!

And while we are discussing Penny--here she is just before being picked up by her date for Sr. Ball:

And here she is with her birthday twin Shianne at the theater department's Tony Awards. (Penny was selected as one of next year's theater officers, so that will be a lot of fun and involvement for her.)

Happy 17th Penny!

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