Saturday, May 27, 2023

Salons and Saloons

Daisy had what can only be described as a disastrous haircut yesterday. When she returned from the cut, and I could hear a tremor in her voice as she headed straight for the bathroom mirror, I assumed it might be that the cut was a bit shorter or a bit more layered than she'd hoped, and I followed after her in full faith that, with a bit of encouragement and fawning she'd realize her hair looked perfectly lovely.

Instead, I only gasped. 

Somehow the girl had taken "slight layering" as "cut the top layer of hair, on the right side only, in a choppy fashion, six inches shorter than the under layer". But what was worse (and it would be hard to get worse), she had also, accidentally I can only assume, chopped one large section of the underlying layer at the level of the inches higher top layer so that an entire section of hair seemed to be missing altogether. Daisy was in tears, and I was aghast.

But! We quickly made the best we could of things. I called around and found someone who was available at a fancy salon, and we rushed her in. The lady in the image below did really an amazing job of blending the hair as much as was humanly possible without making Daisy have a short bob. It will still take some growing out to fully remedy, but we also stopped at Seagull Book after and got her a new dress, and, by then, we could almost laugh about it all (though not without continuing to feel flabbergasted by the whole business!)

Starling had insisted on accompanying us to the salon. When she saw a picture hanging on the wall of a girl with pink hair, she was immediately intrigued. I could see the wheels turning in her head as she looked at it and eventually asked, "Mom, could we paint my hair pink?" (And then all the mental exertion of thinking about how to get her own lovely pink hair caused her to promptly fall asleep.)

And, while I sat there, waiting for Daisy with my babiest child sleeping in my arms, I ordered some pink hair chalk.

It arrived today, and Summer and Mette, in their excitement for Starling, immediately opened a "saloon". (I wish, now, that I hadn't corrected their pronunciation so it might have continued a saloon.)

I love those cute little friends. 


Marilyn said...

STILL so flabbergasted at that haircut. But so glad it's looking cute now. (Also, Seagull Book has dresses??? I never knew!)

And those three little sweeties. I will be stopping by for a drink or two at that saloon soon!

Gayle Harris said...

Poor, poor Daisy!!! But she ended up looking so cute anyway!
And the three little girls had such a great time using makeup and coloring their hair. How fun to have sisters!

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